Prime Ministers Office

PRIME MINISTER - R-H.R.H. Dr Percy Tamayo Espinoza was appointed as the 1st Prime Minister and Minister of Economics & Finance of the Indigenous Sovereign State-Hapu-Nation, Wha Atua Aotearoa, by His Majesty's Sovereign Decree 02/2020, in August 2020.

HRH Dr Percy Tamayo Espinoza, is also Royal Grand Vizier, Ambassador to the United Nations & Supreme Chief Justice  - LL.D., J.D., Ph. D's., D.D., J.C.D., J.S.D.


With 34 years of professional experience in government affairs and sovereign infrastructure, Global Finance and Social Economics and 30 years in international affairs and historical institutions.  HRH is also an international lawyer, career diplomat, and human rights advocate, High Commissioner of Human Rights of WHC.

H.R.H. Dr Percy Tamayo Espinoza, has also been nominated for the position of UN Secretary General in 2022 and nominated for the Nobel Peace Price. His Majesty and the Maori Government supports and makes a strong recommendation that H.R.H. Dr Percy Tamayo Espinoza be appointed the next Secretary-General and a Laureate nominee.

His Majesty Arikinui Manukau recently donated (koha) US$2 Billion towards the United Nations COVID-19 cause for Indigenous People on behalf of the Maori Nation. His Majesty and PRIME MINISTER, HRH Dr Percy Tamayo Espinoza are also leading the unification of all Indigenous People under the Maori Sovereign Nation as natural Global Sovereign Citizens of Aotearoa, based at the UN New York.


Also, for all Indigenous People, His Majesty and HRH are implementing the Maori Central Bank of Aotearoa (MCBA) social, economic, financial platform to provide affordable healthcare insurance & services, pre-school to high school education at the Maori Global Indigenous Academy of the UN & the Maori Global Indigenous University of the UN, and, housing development and employment opportunities supported by up-skill training and work-education, as we link-in to the relevant corporations and institutions who will provide such services.

His Majesty and PRIME MINISTER, HRH Dr Percy Tamayo Espinoza are currently lobbying the United Nations for the Independent Sovereign Maori Nation Wha Atua Aotearoa to be the 194th Member of the United Nations and the first Indigenous Nation to do so.